Can flooring be waterproof?

Can flooring be waterproof?

Waterproof flooring is a must for bathrooms, mudrooms, and other moisture-prone areas. Huron Carpet And Flooring in Wixom, Michigan, offers various tile, luxury vinyl, and laminate styles that repel water. We've been in business for over 40 years, so we are experts at satisfying customers' flooring needs. Read on to learn more about each of these floor coverings.


Clay-based materials can always be depended upon to repel water. Ceramic and porcelain differ in makeup and time in the kiln. Thus, only glazed ceramic tolerates water. But naturally waterproof porcelain is not damaged by extended exposure to water. Tile is ideal for many areas in the home, not just bathrooms and kitchens, primarily since it works well with radiant heat.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl is included on the list of good waterproof flooring options. This is another waterproof material. Planks and tiles exhibit no structural damage even when they are exposed to standing water. Many of the best brands of waterproof luxury vinyl are backed by 25-year warranties. Versatile luxury vinyl flooring can be installed anywhere in the home.


Like luxury vinyl, laminate flooring mimics wood, stone, and ceramic flooring. But when comparison shopping, it's essential to know that waterproof laminate repels water for a specific amount of time. Most brands may sustain damage if spills remain on the surface for more than one day. Liquids won't stain standard laminate as long as they are cleaned up immediately.

Family-owned Huron Carpet And Flooring installs waterproof floors constructed with tile, luxury vinyl, and laminate. Our flooring specialists can guide you as you decide which material is best for your home. We also offer custom area rugs, which pair well with waterproof flooring. We invite residents of Walled Lake, Novi, Milford, and nearby Michigan communities to stop by our showroom in Wixom to begin their waterproof flooring upgrade.